Pipestem dating archaeology

26-Jul-2017 00:29

This one measures 5/64 pipe stems were also found between 1750 – 1800.

The order of layers in this casemate from top to bottom runs from Layer 1 to Layer 12, inclusive.

Lorillard’s Tobacco Company operated until June of 2015 as the longest running tobacco company when it was bought by Reynolds American.

The wide date range for the company makes dating this pipe difficult, we know retail operations continued out of the Chambers Street location even after the manufacturing location was moved.

This is an address in New York City where the Lorillard Tobacco Company operated a retail location out of stores at 16, 18, and 20 on Chambers Street selling tobacco products.

The company was founded by Pierre Abraham Lorillard in 1760 and the snuff-grinding factory operated out of a rented house on Chatham Street.

Because the time span of the casemate under study is relatively short (about 50 years) dating of pipes has been done primarily on the evidence of makers' marks and names.