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23-Aug-2017 21:43

The scammer, a man, told her she was "immoral." He had her photos and saw that she had nude images of herself.

He saw pictures of her smoking and he could tell from her conversations that she was sexually active.

Even weirder, and perhaps even more unsettling, is that they can read personal data on your phone about both yourself and your contacts, and pass the info on. It’s worth noting that many apps contain Ts&Cs like these, but rarely, if ever, have a need to use them.

Still, Sam shared a list of the worst offending Ts&Cs and, while there is the ability to fiddle around yourself to some extent with the security settings, it’s still slightly sinister.

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The Daily Scam is very sad to report a scam that seems to be targeting men on social media like Facebook, but then progressing to the use of Skype for video chatting. She manipulates the victim to include video of his face during their video exchange. Read this post by a Reddit user who was scammed this way and then blackmailed not to post the video of him captured by the scammer… They had one friend in common, and were saying they were in my same industry.

well, not until a billion people had already downloaded the social media app.

One savvy Facebook user, Sam Fiorella, decided he would delve into the T&Cs, and what he found is pretty damn terrifying.

You might be sitting at work when you get a message from an old friend.

That's exactly what recently happened to a woman in her 20s.

She gave the credentials to the person she thought was her friend.