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17-Dec-2017 07:11

They may already be involved in an affair or intrigued by someone special or by the single life.

Their plan, no matter what they say, is to explore other options.

One of them is on the website, Child Support Calculator, for help with this.* Plan for a preferably 1 to 6 months, and then evaluate whether or not to continue with the separation or to make changes.

Most couples can figure out by that time whether or not they are headed toward a divorce or are healing their relationship.

You’re not ready to give up on your partner, but you’ve exhausted so many options for a relationship revival that you find yourself at a loss for what to do next.

Before choosing divorce, couples should take some time apart to evaluate what their lives would really be like without one another.

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With an informal separation, there is no involvement of attorneys or the court and, when done with respect and trust, each works with the other for everyone’s best interest. A trial separation means that there is a desire and a willingness on the part of husband and wife NOT to take the drastic road to divorce.

Do trial separations work, and who are they really for?

If you’re growing frustrated with the state of your relationship you’ve probably been asking yourself this question for a while.

A trial separation can be a message that a marriage is salvageable. People make mistakes and can use a trial separation as a time to turn inwards and reflect on the problems and solutions of their relationship. We have helped others and would be glad to help you.

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It can mean gaining an understanding of what happened during years of marriage. Would you like some help negotiating your trial separation? Would you like help figuring out how to make a trial separation work for you and your partner? Some couples can separate and still live in the same house.

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