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so here I will list only those who can fix ALL, including your computer .

as for finding the place geographically : Daum and Naver maps in Korean offer more precise localization although lacking saving capabilities while Google has now come to cover sufficiently addressing Korean AND the same put into English but still with random glitches such as disappearing blocks – thus why I am not using maps on locations yet .

When you launch i Tunes 12.7 you will see a pop-up window with an alert informing the user that i Tunes has been “updated to focus on music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks” and telling the user to use App Store or Sound Settings in i OS to deal with apps and ringtones.

It’s worth mentioning that i Tunes 12.6.x is currently compatible with i OS 11, though that may change when the final version of i OS 11 is released to the public on September 19.

The video cable connects to the LCD screen through the connector 2.

note these facts about Apple-contracted support centers in South Korea : .

the smaller the device, the more places to care for, as Apple Support Center Korea designates as : i Pod – i Phone – i Pad – Portable – Desk Top and as you might imagine support centers caring for i Phones and i Pad have increased much over the decade past Millennium due popularity while not much has changed for Mac Books and Macs .

[ NOTICE ] please place inquiries concerning Apple Store location and Support Centers for repair directly onto Apple Korea website and their phone listed there .

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they are NOT fluent in English but I cannot take place of their service line .The video cable (in most cases) is also responsible for supplying a necessary voltage for the FL inverter board.

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