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We always said we were going to do A–Z compilations.Those who feel duped / ripped off can get off their soapboxes, my heart bleeds for you...We're just past the 1/3 mark of the A–Z and the bonus tracks are only just starting to trickle out to subscribers.We've publicized the sheer quantity of tracks that have been recorded. This has been the most prolific writing / recording period of our career and we love the diversity of the output.

The band in October 2009 confirmed that only the first half of the A–Z Series were "set in stone", with mastering taking place, and the artwork, pressing and release dates confirmed, however the second half of the series would at the time be decided once the series had been launched, with the band holding a then total of 44 tracks recorded, and plans to re-enter the recording studio again in late 2009, "the first six months are set in stone, but the second half is still flexible. The digital subscription for the A–Z Series is offered worldwide, however the United Kingdom service differs to the rest of the world.

Right now, I can't see us ever returning to that way of working and putting out our music." From this the band members themselves formed Atomic Heart Records, setting up headquarters in New York City, calling their new studio Atomic Heart.

Band members Tim and Mark both moved to New York; "It was a dream of mine, ever since our first American tour in the mid-1990s, to live in New York", whilst drummer Rick resided in Edinburgh's Craiglockhart, commuting to the New York Studio on a regular basis and working in "intensive bursts".

We spent two years of our lives on that record but the label didn't support it all.

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It made us wary of putting ourselves in that position ever again.We're under no illusions that not everyone's going to like every song / direction but hopefully we'll cover all bases by the series' end.