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Despite the fact I wasn't one of those "sappy soulmate types," I apparently had been systematically compiling quite the impressive little shopping list. Coach Katherin then began to talk about how I could use my mind-maps to qualify or disqualify the men that I met while out and about each day."You're looking for someone who reads, watches TV, who's smart and who's current," she said.You just need to own it." We organized my five love languages (Visual C was not one of them). It was basically just sorting through the sock and underwear drawer of your life, giving yourself a chance to review and reassess, to figure out what you needed, what you'd outgrown, what felt more comfortable at this stage of the old ballgame.We discussed different venues where I might find potential candidates (Katherin suggested bookstore readings, dining clubs, historical walking tours, and other egghead haunts). I'd certainly found an awful lot of missing mates just by focusing 10 minutes on my sock drawer.The phone call came just as I was cleaning out my sock and underwear drawers, one of those weird nesting rituals women go through every year (or three) without fail."Hi, Diane," said a lively voice on the other end of the line.) mix of wingman, style guru and therapist, depending on the quirks and qualifications of whomever you happened to tap.I also knew that dating coaches charged anywhere from 5 an hour to ,000 a weekend and that, according to a recent article in The New York Times, there were tons of them out there (not too surprising since the field was, as the Times put it, "largely unregulated").

1, I just might be intuitively doing this stuff on my own and, No."When you write down your goals, you accomplish your goals." The problem was, I didn't know exactly what my goals were.