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31-Dec-2017 09:35

At first glance, the free tier allows for 30,000 calls per month, which seems okay, but you can only send 120 calls per minute. Hackathon Hackers came to the rescue here, suggesting that I use Senti Strength.

They gave me our entire chat history stored in an html file, so I used the Beautiful Soup Python module to isolate all the conversations between us.

Despite being very concise and powerful, the Alchemy Language API limited me to 1,000 calls per day.

The Aylien API was also very powerful, but also had a very constrictive rate limit.

Then I spun up a quick Python script to test it out.', string) ' ' cmd = 'java -jar sentidata data/ text trinary'.format( _path_format(' Senti Strength Com.jar'), string) process = subprocess. PIPE, shell=True) process.wait() stdout = ' '.join( [line.decode('utf-8') for line in process.stdout]) sentiments = list(map(int, stdout.split(' '))) return Time to have some fun with this.

The data directory that the jar file read from contained a bunch of text files containing dictionaries and compendiums of irony, slang, acronyms, and even emoticons, which was surprising and impressive. Each result contains the maximum positive value and the maximum negative value detected in the input.As of today, I have been dating my girlfriend for 8 months and I have no idea of when her time of the month is.

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