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03-Dec-2017 12:30

Risks can range from hostile intruders to untrained users who download Internet applications that have viruses.

Hostile intruders can steal data, change data, and cause service to be denied to legitimate users.

We can even enable you to monitor your home or business from your computer, tablet or smart phone!

Even the best security system equipment has little value if it’s installed in a way that produces frequent false alarms or leaves gaps in protection.

This chapter focuses on security strategies and mechanisms.

Following a structured set of steps when developing and implementing network security will help you address the varied concerns that play a part in security design.

This chapter quickly revisits steps 1 through 3 and also addresses steps 4, 5, 6, and 12.

Steps 7 through 10 are outside the scope of this book.

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To help you handle the difficulties inherent in designing network security for complex networks, this chapter teaches a systematic, top-down approach that focuses on planning and policy development before the selection of security products.Developing security strategies that can protect all parts of a complicated network while having a limited effect on ease of use and performance is one of the most important and difficult tasks related to network design.