Who is chris brown dating in 2016

05-Jul-2017 15:12

As we've seen in the courts and in the media, these two haven't been able to figure out how to agree on raising their little girl. I'm not a millionaire like daddy, so of course it is going to be regular on my side. Nia also wanted to clarify the recent court ruling that denied her request for a nanny to present whenever Royalty is under Chris' care.

Related: Chris & Nia DRAG Each Other On Instagram When commenting on what it's like sharing a kid with "someone like" the 27-year-old R&B singer, Guzman said: "Well, the world didn't find out about her until a year ago. It's just going to take a lot of talking and just getting her to know right from right and wrong from wrong, and not be some spoiled little rich kid out here just thinking that the world is hers and she can do whatever she wants. Many reports claimed this was Nia's attempt to give CB less time with his daughter. It wasn't court ordered or anything like that, all the way from the first agreement. And so this time around, all I wanted was a set nanny in place, that's all I was wanting.

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She even called him “boo.” Check out the tweet: Paris was most recently linked to musician Michael Snoddy.

She has sought a restraining order against the singer and alleged physical and mental harassment (he hasn't been arrested for any of it).