Wsus not updating status report

15-Jul-2017 15:19

Other customers said the Windows Update agent didn’t perform a successful scan and reported these errors in the In common for all customers was that the WSUS App pool stopped.

When starting the IIS WSUS App pool back, most clients downloaded 5-10 MB. Clients looked to be downloading the full catalog from the SUP which was the reason why one customer saw the high utilization of their MPLS lines.

wsus not updating status report-17

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After the Patch Tuesday sync from Microsoft, clients started scanning successfully at first, but the Update catalog reached a size that increased the load on the Software Update Point. There can several reasons why this happens, database is not indexed, not enough resources etc.

Personally I run the defragmentation job once a week and after that I run the WSUS Server Cleanup job.

The WSUS Server Cleanup process is a Power Shell script from Kaido Järvemets, that will run the WSUS cleanup and mail a nice HTML report with the status of the job.

Recently I have seen that happen at several customers. At almost the same time the WSUS IIS App pool chrased and stopped.

Starting the IIS pool up again would once again flood the MPLS line, run for a few minutes and crash again.

Innehåller information om installation, användning och borttagning av en windowstjänst som används för att testa nätverksanslutningar och behörigheter mellan servrar, med datorkontot på den server som initierar anslutningen.