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Soft-core pictures of women in lingerie will soon become boring and you will seek full nudity, and as that loses novelty you will look for something more enticing. Victor Cline, of the University of Utah, has studied this escalation and reports that it proceeds according to four steps. Desensitization: You begin feeling numb towards the images you see. You become desperate to feel the same thrill again, but you can’t find it.Acting out sexually: This is the point that you make a critical jump and start acting out the images you have seen and rehearsed in your mind. Charles Taylor Johnston wasn’t looking for pornography when he stumbled onto photos of children in sexual positions in an America Online chat room.“They certainly never felt like prisoners of sexual compulsion. “It works so quickly and it’s so instantly intense,” says Dr.

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Greg Gutfeld explains that online porn has attracted a surprising number of married, professional men.” Most of them have never had a problem with porn before,” he says. They don’t mean to like electronic sex so much, but they do. They require more and more to keep from getting bored.” Internet pornography has earned itself a reputation for being the crack cocaine of sexual addiction.One porn site operator spoke truthfully about the industry when she said, “Porn comes down to this, we women are exploiting men’s weaknesses. It’s going to be embarrassing to call my credit card company, but I’ve got to do it.” Many victims of these scams simply pay up rather than fess up.Adult web sites have also expanded beyond credit card fraud, into more legitimate means of taking your money.Charles Johnston is by no means the only Web porn surfer to find himself behind bars: businessmen, teachers, coaches, and even several religious leaders have been arrested for downloading child pornography from the Internet or for arranging to have sex with minors.

For many seekers of online sex, the dangers of getting caught, getting addicted, getting taken advantage of or getting in trouble with the law simply become obstacles to work around.

Carnes estimates that 8 percent of men and 3 percent of women in the U. That accidental discovery drew Johnston, a 35-year-old father of two, into a secret habit that eventually led him to jail.